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Stress test creating a chill for first-time buyers

While Winnipeg has been experiencing a near record-breaking cold spell, there are plenty of significant housing and real estate market challenges to keep REALTORS® warm while waiting for their cars to heat up...READ MORE

How to (Correctly) Pack Everything When Moving to a New Home

Tips for helping out your future self that – eventually – has to unpack all of this stuff. Disorganization and clutter occur naturally in most homes over time. As households buy more things, they might accumulate more possessions than they know what to do with. Items...

BRODBECK: City report shows healthy revenue growth since 1998

The next time a city politician complains about city hall’s so-called revenue problem, direct them to the city of Winnipeg’s most recent pre-budget financial review. Because despite constant complaints from city officials that their revenues are not growing fast...

What You Need to Know to Make Your Bathroom Remodeling a Success

Our bathrooms are a central part of life. Remodeling not only revitalizes them but doing so can offer an excellent return on investment. Whether you do it yourself or bring in some professionals, here's how you can begin enhancing your bathroom. Know What You Want...